Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A quick update

Just a quick update so you don't all think I've fallen off the face of the earth!

So, 5 weeks ago today, Duckie hatched...here's a reminder of what he looked like

then I went to a Poultry auction and got he/she some little friends

Well this is what they look like now - 5 weeks on

Duckie always seems to be posing


Also, 5 weeks ago tomorrow (Wednesday 4th May), these little ones hatched out (The Fuzzbutts)

Here is some updated photos of them

This is my favourite - I pretty certain it's a boy!  He likes to jump on your hand and I'm sure would be quite happy to walk around sat on my shoulder all day like a parrot - a real character!


Today a couple of the eggs from my last post (see here) hatched - they have hatched early and consequently are a little poorly, they are getting stronger throughout the day though and so I'm hoping they're going to put through, can't get a good photo of them yet as they're still in the incubator and I'm leaving them there as long as possible but here is a tiny glimpse

Plus two more eggs have pipped (that where they've started to break a hole in the shell), they are due to hatch tomorrow so their timing is spot on - fingers crossed for the rest to hatch ok.

More photos to follow soon x

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